Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks to whomever stole my Blackberry

Thanks to whomever stole my Blackberry: "You're an asshole. Plain and fucking simple. I know it HAS to be someone I let into my home too...that makes you a bigger asshole and me a moron for trusting people. So
you know, I have reported it stolen So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell it on CL =) I want someone to buy it, go and TRY to activate it so they will be flagged and I will be able to see the face of the person who stole from me, guess what? PRESSING CHARGES on both parties if the person who stole it doesn't come forward (or the person who buys it, you tell me or the cops who it was, your off the hook since really you didn't do anything)

So fuck you back thief.

May you rot in hell.

Oh, if your wondering. Its a blackberry storm. Inside (if they didn't wipe it) there should be loads of pictures of my daughter (she's a year old.) Hell to prove its mine I can probably list off all the contacts I HAD in there if not most of them."

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